The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook Spotlight: Andrew Gaffney Scoops on Marketing Metrics

Andrew Gaffney - Demand Gen Report Andrew Gaffney is Editor and Publisher of DemandGen Report, a leading e-media publication spotlighting the strategies that help companies better align their sales and marketing organizations - a key component of their coverage being on sales and marketing automation tools. Andrew has served as an Editor and Publisher for several different business magazines and has the unique ability to quickly identify the business issues that resonate and matter most to executive level readers.

In The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook, Gaffney’s section, Focus on the Marketing Metrics that Matter, gives marketers some terrific insights to 3 areas that are often overlooked due to the traditional focus on volume of leads and sales handoffs.

These three areas provide a solid foundation for the longer-term marketing view that companies must adopt as buyers take more control over their buying process. Andrew points out that we’ve got to move beyond activity monitoring to behavioral qualification and Progressive Profiling supported by deeper intelligence that enables marketers to prove influence during the buying process. From the array of metrics that marketing automation makes available, he recommends that marketers focus on strengthening these three core areas that can help marketers improve accountability:

  1. Database Enrichment
  2. Pipeline Conversions
  3. Revenue Impact

With marketing automation in place and a clear focus on core areas that can help provide insight and proof of marketing contribution to company success, marketing will be seen as a collaborative partner in the revenue generation process—instead of being regarded as a cost center.

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