The Case for Marketing Automation Customer Support

In a recent DemandGen Survey, 53 Marketing Executives shared their biggest lessons learned on purchasing and implementing a Marketing Automation Solution.  An overwhelming majority of the respondents reported that they found their marketing automation solution valuable, and said it had improved their overall business.But what is even more telling and useful to us as a Marketing Automation provider, is the advice respondents offered to other buyers and what they said was important when selecting a solution in hindsight.When asked about their biggest lessons learned, 60% of respondents said, “Customer support is extremely important and should be a top priority when purchasing a solution.”


I thought this was interesting considering many of the solutions tout a “do-it-yourself” approach.So, why is customer support so critical?

The reason is simple:No matter how easy a marketing automation platform is to use, it is collection of marketing tools, as opposed to just a one-point solution. Each component within the application can require a different skill set to set up and operate. There’s a place for Strategists (nurture campaigns), a place for Creatives (email design), and a place for Analysts (web analytics).Of course, in most cases, it is the same person using all of these functions that has a mixture of those skill sets.Marketing Automation is a sophisticated world for mapping processes in order to build out efficiencies.

When customer support is done right, it’s the ultimate resource for learning how to maximize a marketing automation solution and not only help you troubleshoot problems, but it also teaches you to be a better marketer. In our customer reviews, our dedicated customer support model is frequently mentioned as a differentiator among us and other vendors, and we’ve taken great strides to grow this part of the business. Customers Success Managers (CSMs) are a key resource for Manticore customers. CSMs don’t just troubleshoot problems; they are also savvy marketers who can strategize at a high level or go in and implement the tactical elements of a campaign.Their job is to make sure you are successful.Customer retention is such a critical component of SaaS offerings that it only makes sense that marketing automation vendors should take great strides to make sure their users are power users.Regardless of the vendor you choose, customer support should be a top priority – take it from users, who have been there.