“Tweet: Leo DiCaprio is in our office”

Yesterday, a good friend mentioned his sister is using Twitter to notify the followers of her trendy restaurant in Miami when celebrities show up. He thought it was a great idea as did I. I asked him how he was using Twitter in his professional services business and he looked at me like I was crazy.

Leo Dicaprio isn't really at our office. But Twitter can provide value beyond celebrity citings. Here's two ways:

- Use the Twitter "Follow" feature to receive the Tweets from industry thought leaders / Influencers. Additional insight into where your market is going is always valuable.

- Use the Twitter "Search" feature to learn what people are saying about your company, competition and/or industry. It is another resource where you can find valuable data points.

My first Sales mentor said to me: "You learn more by listening". Twitter doesn't have to be about telling people what you had for lunch. Listen and learn.