Using buyer personas to increase open rates

One strategic marketing rule to always live by is to consistently communicate your message targeted to your audience. High-level e-newsletters are very important for general thought leadership, but effective marketing also requires targeted content to help build relationships on a deeper level. In order to build relationships while simultaneously building a brand, focus on educating your audience.  When you contribute to the knowledge base of your prospects, you enable them to be valuable contributors in their company.

To add that type of value, your message needs to be created in a more tailored way, addressing specific people in their specific roles. You need to address the pain points associated with your target demographic and share ways in which your product or service can provide a solution to those pains. In our customer database and across our customer base, we achieve certain open rates for a general thought leadership e-newsletter. On the other hand, when we begin to address a specific subset—like a Chief Financial Officer at a technology company—and talk about specific pain points associated with that role, the open rate goes up. That particular subset opens the targeted e-newsletter because they can relate to the issues. When your content addresses a specific problem for an individual in a specific role, those individuals feel a personal connection, it’s as if you are talking to them directly. As a result, the focused e-newsletter is very successful. Targeted digital messaging can kick off a sales cycle, so buyer personas should always be include as part of your strategic marketing mix.