Using Video to Collect Subject Matter Expertise

Content creation starts with access to subject matter expertise.

It then must be communicated in a meaningful, educational, and entertaining way (assuming that you actually want people to read it).

In most companies, the expertise comes from an executive, such as the CEO or President, senior level sales and product managers, and customer service. These are the people who are talking to clients on a regular basis and learning about their issues.

But one the biggest challenges companies face today is creating access to those subject matter experts for content creation, even when they already have the necessary resources to create it (videographers, designers, copywriters, etc.). 

Typically, your knowledge base doesn’t sit in the same department as the people that have the skills to create compelling content (usually marketing).

Creating compelling content must have subject matter expertise that’s aligned to the high-probability pains of the personas that you’re marketing to—as well as to whatever stage of the buying process that they happen to be in at that moment. 

A junior person can’t get it done. They don’t understand your market, and they don’t understand your consumers and clients well enough to lay out that plan.

A PR Firm might be able to get it done, but it will take a long time and cost a lot because you’re essentially paying them to become enough of an expert on your subject matter where they can generate the content and represent it to media outlets. 

So what would happen if you approached your CEO or President and asked him or her to write a 500-word blog post every month?

The project is most likely dead on arrival because of the time it takes, even in the companies that have executives with the skills and desire to write. 

So how can you extract this knowledge in such a way that you can marry it up with resources that know how to create content and get it in front of prospects? Because you can’t sacrifice subject matter expertise or content strategy. 

One solution is to put a thoughtful plan together about the subject matter that you want to communicate, develop a list of questions for your experts, then ask them if you can do a video interview where you play journalist and ask them questions on camera. 

That way, you can tap into their brain and get the knowledge out in a format that is easy to transcribe. You can then use far less expensive resources to perform those tasks such as copy writers, editors, and proofers. 

Together, they can produce excellent content that resonates, such as executive briefings, blog articles, and white papers — all from a video where you took maybe 15-30 minutes of that executive’s time.