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Value of Marketing

Today, it is often said that content is the most trusted form of advertising. Good content is also the most effective tool we have to support demand generation. That places a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of B2B marketers: to create content that delivers the highest value of marketing to the community and at the same time, produce this content in sufficient quantity and variety to meet the constant needs of various marketing channels. Is it possible to do both? For B2B marketers to succeed in the digital world, we have to be able to serve up steakhouse quality at a fast food pace.

Have you ever entered your contact information, email address etc., on a web form in anticipation of downloading a piece of research or thought leadership that promised information nirvana, only to discover that it was barely on point of the promised topic and no more than a trick to lure you into giving up your identity on their site?

What happens if marketers fail to deliver content that makes a trusted connection with the prospective buyer? The buyer moves on to shop elsewhere, and that opportunity is lost. At a time when 80 percent of B2B buyers find their vendor through independent research online, lost opportunities can add up quickly, and unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to quantify them.

The value of marketing in an authentic voice to your prospect and suspect community, is that it makes substantive thought leadership content available to these “invisible” buyers, at the time and place that is convenient for them. Using an authentic voice is the most effective means of establishing trust through content.

This authenticity is obtained by working directly with the executives, product managers and points of customer contact within your organization. It is not “marketing speak”. Only by extracting content from the people who know the most about your product or service and the benefit it brings to your current customers, can you be reasonably confident that you will have the right information to engage new prospects through their buying journey. The value of marketing in this way is that it allows you to build a connection with buyers simply by being authentic and sharing your organizational value with the market.

An authentic voice allows you to establish trust through your content, it makes your organization an asset to the B2B buyer community, and best of all, it ultimately attracts prospects that will make the ideal customer fit, simplifying the cost to serve and increasing long-term customer retention.

That said, communicating in an authentic voice can be difficult. At Sales Engine, we’ve discovered that the value of marketing with video is that it makes it easier to create content in authentic voice.

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