What B2B Marketers can learn from Ford’s new marketing strategy

Next year, Ford Motor Company is introducing a new model - the Ford Fiesta. So here's a test for you. What is Ford's marketing strategy for this new car? How will America learn about the Fiesta? Here's are your choices:

- Television ads during the Super Bowl? - In house promotions at Dealers? - Massive print media blitz?

The answer? None of the above.

In April, Ford gave 100 bloggers use of the car for six months. There were no limitations or instructions for how they were to use the car. The only requirement was for the bloggers to upload a video to You Tube each month and offer their opinions about the Fiesta. They were also encouraged to discuss the car on their blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

When asked about this strategy, the head of social media at Ford said: "It's about culture change and adapting to this ongoing way of communicating."

B2B and B2C companies everywhere are quickly adopting social media marketing strategies for one simple reason: "It's where their customers are." According to a Forrester Research study of over 1,200 companies, 95% use social networks for marketing and brand awareness.

In the future, consumers and business buyers won't be searching for products and services. Rather, they will come to their attention via social media. It is how companies will connect and build relationships with their prospects. Today's marketers cannot afford to ignore potential customers who are consuming media in new ways.

This is where your prospects are going. It's up to you to meet them there.

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