Why do marketing leaders outsource demand generation?

We are finding that marketing leaders are increasingly excited about outsourcing demand generation for one simple reason: it just takes a myriad of people to pull it off.  A few years ago, we were educating a lot of people on the integrated marketing process, and the “FIND, CONNECT, and ENGAGE” components that we find essential to a successful marketing automation and nurture marketing strategy.

That’s not the case anymore. Today’s marketers get it.  They are very well informed, and they see the challenge and understand the solution.  For marketers, executing on demand generation has become an arms and legs issue.  It’s no longer possible to get to it all, and marketers are now focused on educating their senior management on the limits of their bandwidth.

If you are going to play the integrated marketing game, you really have to play to compete.  Then, you need to meet all these functions and processes.  Database management, messaging, video creation, graphic design, engaging content written by subject matter experts, and HTML production are all essential elements in this new era.