Why Is Multi-Media Content So Important in Marketing?

Multi-media content is critical to successful marketing. First off, study after study has proven the retention of information from web video or video in general, compared to the written word or the spoken word. There’s no denying the fact that video has to be a part of your content mix. Secondly, different people consume content in different ways. It’s important to really understand that the demographics or psychographics, of individual buying personas. For example a VP of Sales is constantly on the road and you can pretty much assume that any content he consumes will be viewed on a PDA or some other mobile device.

IT Directors may gravitate toward webinars because they like to have access to detailed information. Buyers who will ultimately be the end user of a product or service tend to be more interested in web pages that can convey information and often demonstrate functionality.

Just the other day, a friend of mine was about hop on to an airplane and he downloaded a pod cast. He does that often because he likes to take advantage of the travel downtime to listen and learn about subjects of interest – different things he may not have time to learn about in his regular day.

We’re all receptive to content, but we consume it in ways that suit our lifestyle. If your marketing is focused on sharing your message through only one method, you are probably missing the majority of your audience. The importance of multimedia content will continue to grow as more people have access to various devices and technology introduces new ones.

Don’t be intimidated by the task of creating a rich library of multimedia content. It is possible to produce content in one medium intelligently and then multiply it into other media. Executed properly, the repurposing of content can be a smooth process instead of a big burden.