Why your pursuit of Sales Ready leads is costing you sales.

Your marketing department runs a campaign. The campaign generates a lead.

Marketing turns the lead over to your sales rep.

Your sales rep calls the client, has a good conversation, but the client is not sales ready.

So - your sales rep tosses the lead in the drawer with the intention of following up and moves on to the next prospect.

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Sound familiar? The situation I just described happens everyday in B2B sales organizations everywhere. The combination of monthly quota pressures and lack of bandwidth causes cold leads to get tossed with little to no follow up.

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Except most of those leads aren’t cold at all. According to SiriusDecisions 80 % of leads tossed by Sales Reps convert to sales for someone within 24 months.

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This means if you are spending most of your time and marketing spend on finding sales ready leads you are missing a big opportunity. Effective nurturing of the leads your Reps dismiss because they are not sales ready can help you build a sustainable sales pipeline.