Winter 2012 Continues the Tradition of Usability and Power

After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce Manticore Winter 2012, the latest version of the Manticore marketing automation platform. Winter 2012 is loaded with our latest advancements in marketing automation funcationality. Marketers will be able to take advantage of  customizable features for managing their daily work, reports and marketing assets, as well as a set of powerful email and landing page design capabilities and email testing tools. The most impressive feature is the brand-new design wizard for emails and landing pages. This tool is unique in that marketers and designers now have their own individual work spaces, ensuring optimal productivity and a minimum of the typical back-and-forth involved in campaign development. For example, a designer has the ability to customize an email template separately and provide that template with specific editable spaces to a marketer for the inclusion of content without the fear that the marketer might accidentally compromise the integrity of the design itself. With this new capability, marketers and designers optimize their time by doing what they do best. The new wizard acts as a set of guardrails, keeping mistakes at a minimum, while still allowing more advanced users to move through it quickly and easily.

Another exciting feature in the new release is the email testing capabilities with The client preview test allows an email sender to test the aesthetic quality of an email by sending a test email to over 30 different email clients and devices, including the latest mobile phones. Litmus provides snapshots of what the email actually looks like in each of those email clients. Additionally, Litmus provides a spam scoring test, sending an email through various spam traps and filters and providing the sender with either a pass or a fail for each one.

We leveraged six years of marketing automation expertise and in depth customer feedback in the design of this new product. The goal was to ensure the best possible user-experience for the everyday marketer while maintaining our capabilities as a powerful marketing automation platform. In addition to the visible features in this product, we've also done a lot of "under the covers" work that will enable our development team to rapidly innovate and add new features throughout this year and beyond.

We're thrilled about this new release and what is coming, so stay tuned for some exciting new announcements from Manticore Technology in 2012.