A rapidly growing player in the revolutionary Marketing as a Service market,
Sales Engine is looking for talented, motivated individuals to continue our rapid growth.

Marketing experts with Sales DNA.

A rapidly growing player in the revolutionary Marketing as a Service market, Sales Engine is looking for talented, motivated individuals to continue our rapid growth.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:


Digital Marketing Conversion Specialist

Are you a strong marketing copywriter who lives and breathes best practices for driving conversions on emails and landing pages? Do you honestly understand what that sentence meant? Do you geek out reading articles on MarketingSherpa, MarketingProfs, Moz, and CMI? If you answered yes to all three questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Sales Engine is looking for someone who combines a rare blend of writing and editing prowess, project management skill, and an insatiable thirst to learn and experiment with techniques to drive more clicks.

This is a full-time contract position based in our Austin office. Telecommuting is an option for the right individual.

What you'll do all day:

  • Review copywriting requests. You will receive a steady stream of copywriting requests from internal staff for targeted campaign emails, e-newsletters, and landing page copy. You will review each request for completeness and assign it to a copywriter, or in some cases write it yourself.

  • Review submissions. When you receive drafts from copywriters, you’ll review them with both an editorial eye and a best practices filter, and provide coaching to the copywriter. Your quality test is simple: Will this copy convert?

  • Interface with designers and program managers. You’ll work with our internal design staff to get approved copy into design templates. You’ll also work with our program managers to secure client approval on all deliverables.

  • Track results, and learn from them. Review our clients’ historical campaign performance to help you write better copy the next time. Document what works and what doesn’t. Then make sure our organization learns from it.

  • Manage the contractor pool. You’ll always be on the lookout for additional copywriters. You’ll continually evaluate prospective writers, create contracts for them, and stay on top of their schedules.

  • Pinch hit. If a copywriter is sick or an unexpected deadline pops up, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and write some copy.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Writes and edits really well. We write marketing copy for B2B audiences. It’s great if you write beautiful poetry, but you must demonstrate that you can write and edit concise copy for business professionals.

  • Knows something about sales and marketing, or is willing to learn. Your copy will be used in marketing campaigns that generate leads for salespeople. It’s therefore helpful to know a thing or two about how sales and marketing work.

  • Has a scientist’s mindset. You form hypotheses and want to test them. You like to do research. You like reviewing data.

  • Is a quick learner. Our clients span dozens of industries, from software to consulting services to manufacturing. You must be able to ramp up quickly on new companies and their products and services.

  • Is extremely organized and efficient. You should be able to juggle multiple editorial and content projects without breaking a sweat.

  • Is assertive. In short, you can manage other people with confidence, including delivering bad news and providing critical feedback.

  • Plays well with others. Managing copywriting projects is a delicate business and requires you to work with other people, on other teams. They should still like you by the time the deadline rolls around.  

You'll be measured on how well you:

  • Deliver results. You’ll own click-through rates on emails and landing pages. It’s easy to track. If you excel, we’ll all know.

  • Meet deadlines. We generate a lot of content, so we'll need you to finish assignments on time to keep those editorial trains rolling.

  • Maintain quality. Producing content quickly is important, but doing so while maintaining a high level of quality is paramount.  

A few reasons you might hate it:

  • You get complacent. You can’t read a couple of articles on “email marketing best practices” and declare yourself an expert. You need a passion for learning and improvement to excel in this role.

  • You don’t like pressure. We work against tight deadlines, and there’s a lot to keep track of and do.

  • You're not interested in business. Writing about business is a bit drier than, say, writing about food, fashion or sports.

  • You’re not resourceful. There are never enough hours in the day or enough money to do everything you’ll wish we could do. You’ll need to find clever ways to do as much as you can, as best you can.

  • You can’t handle constructive criticism. We strive to produce excellent content, and sometimes that means a lot of revisions.

And a few reasons you might love it:

  • You'll grow and learn a LOT. You'll be exposed to multiple clients in a diverse range of industries, and you’ll become an expert in B2B marketing.

  • Your opportunity for advancement is unbounded. The Content team is expanding quickly. By joining us now, you’ll be well positioned to take on leadership roles as we grow.

  • You can make a big difference. Our team is small and agile. Every member counts. Unlike at a big company, your impact here will be felt and appreciated.

  • The team is amazing. You will work with people who are as passionate, smart, skilled and driven as you are.

Interested? Send your resume and appropriate writing samples to