Great Content Marketing STARTS WITH STRATEGY

Creating a single piece of content doesn't require a strategy but content marketing does. That's because most prospects in your market aren't actively looking for a vendor but they are engaging content online without you. Content marketing requires that you consistently speak to the high probability pains of multiple influencers across each phase of the buying process. And you'll need to do all of that using your website, email, and social media on the device they prefer. Pulling that off requires a great strategy.

Content Types Based on Strategy

An effective strategy requires two types of content. First, you need content that drives traffic to your site and keeps early stage buyers engaged. Once on your site, you need more substantial gated assets to convert these anonymous visitors into leads that can be nurtured until sales-ready. We'll put together a program that includes the right balance of campaign content and conversion assets based on your sales goals.

Campaign Content

We focus on topics that speak to high probability pains you solve. These articles can be PDFs but we prefer blogging as the most effective way to promote, share, and link-to content that best leverages video. In short, blogging is the best way to build audience and generate leads.


Conversion Content

You can't sell to people you don't know. But, most prospects won't fill out a form to read a blog. You need high value gated assets like white papers, infographics, and case studies to convert and nurture these anonymous visitors.

Continuous Content Production

Timed to your editorial calendar, our team will produce the content that fuels your campaigns. In order to protect your valuable time and still produce great content, we'll leverage the discovery work, audio recordings, and video interviews from the on-boarding process. We'll also spend a little time on the phone, typically less than an hour, interviewing your subject matter experts and doing a little online research to make sure the content really connects with your buyers.

 Content strategists, Managing Editors, Designers, Videographers, video editors, Program Managers, and Strategic Account Managers