Sales Engine Media today announced that they have teamed up with Social Media expert Bill Combes, Founder of No Time for Social to conduct a webinar on best practices for generating B2B Leads through Facebook and other social media platforms on February 18th, 2016 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT. Registration is Free

Most B2B companies have largely ignored Facebook as a lead generator assuming that their audiences either weren’t present on the platform, the targeting wasn't specific enough, and not enough information was provided in the “page likes” to convert into actual business leads.

Changes to the Facebook platform have changed all of that. Publishers are spending millions of dollars per month to distribute their content, Ad targeting has become more sophisticated, and a new ad/content distribution platform that passes along contact information for leads collected. 

“Facebook has ‘cut out the middle man’ so to speak,” says Bill Combes, Founder of No Time for Social. “Because now when someone clicks on an ad, the contact information is automatically assembled for the advertiser and passed along as a lead. We actually have several B2B clients that are using Facebook to generate over 50% of their total leads. It’s the best deal going right now.”

In the webinar on February 18th, Combes will show you the right way to develop a content strategy designed to maximize all of the new opportunities available in Facebook and other social media platforms to generate leads.

The webinar will be targeted to Marketing and Sales professionals, and attendees will learn:

  • Facebook facts including page settings and tips for success
  • Content strategy that Maximizes B2B Lead Generation
  • Facebook Audience insights and how to use the ads and content distribution platforms

This webinar is a must-attend for marketers that want to get their content distributed outside of their own databases.

About Sales Engine Media

Sales Engine Media is a B2B content marketing agency headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company deploys a proven content development methodology that generates qualified leads for building sales pipeline. Sales Engine identifies executional failure points in its clients’ demand generation process and deploys the necessary skill sets on a fractional basis. In addition to content creation, Sales Engine can implement and execute an end-to-end prospect engagement engine on behalf of clients, leveraging world-class software, award-winning creative services, and the strategic direction of senior sales and marketing executives. For more information, visit

About No Time for Social:

No Time for Social provides full service social media management for small to mid-sized businesses. They create and manage personalized marketing and advertising strategies and pride themselves on making professional digital marketing and advertising accessible to all organizations and to all kinds of companies and businesses. Their goal is to provide social media management at a reasonable cost to their clients compared to hiring someone in-house to manage social.  Clients include banks, credit unions, construction companies, restaurants and several other industries.