The journey continues...

We've come a long way in 7 years! Some of you may remember when we launched Sales Engine back in 2007 with this Guinness commercial parody to our friends on LinkedIn.

(If you're up for a good laugh, watch the video on the right.) 

Well, what was largely still a concept back in 2007, as we consulted and advised clients, is now a well-defined lead generation program we call Marketing as a Service (MaaS). Today dozens of Sales Engine clients rely on us to feed their pipeline ensuring repeatable success for their sales teams.

Sales Engine's launch video spring 2007

 The pipeline results we've produce for our clients include:

  • Payroll/HR service bureau in TX - 70% of their pipeline is created-nurtured by us totaling $16,343,088
  • IT Services firm in VA - 76% of their pipeline totaling $6,158,311 comes from Sales Engine
  • Data Encryption company in NJ - 59% of their pipeline worth $5,071,321 comes from our campaigns

Many of you were there for us from the start providing guidance and feedback that helped solidify our direction. For that, we say thank you!

But, this is still the beginning for us. Our model continually evolves as we adjust to the emerging best-practices in lead-gen, what works, what doesn't, and most importantly.. we still listen to YOU. It may not be as funny (or cheesy) as the Guinness parody but the Explainer Video below describes our program that's creating the results above. We'd love to get your feedback on the video below and our updated model.  

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