We are your Inbound Marketing Agency

Sales Engine helps B2B companies grow sales by getting your sales reps in front of more qualified prospects. We’ve combined our marketing automation software, content creation, and marketing services into an end-to-end inbound marketing program. We generate and nurture leads that feed your sales team.

Our program is the culmination of industry best practices and years of testing, and addresses the most common failure points of inbound marketing. We've learned that because B2B lead generation is a continuous process--not a "project"--there are six critical pillars to success. Miss one and the process fails.

Inbound Marketing: The six pillars of B2B Lead Generation

Content Creation

Through a series of content planning sessions, we produce a content development plan that supports your editorial calendar.

From that plan, we get your subject matter experts in front of a video camera and capture the stories and insights that only your team can provide. Next, we use those videos as source material for creating white papers, articles, and infographics. The result is a content library we use to execute integrated marketing campaigns on your behalf as part of the inbound program. You can of course also use the content in your own marketing efforts.



Marketing Automation

We implement, manage and use our own Marketing Automation software on your behalf so you you don't have to train your staff how to use it, figure out how to implement the best practices, or manage any technology. We take care of all of that for you.

And because we own and administer our own software, we include it at no charge for our inbound clients.

Audience Development

We work with you to identify your Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP), audit your existing database, and build a database development plan that underpins your lead-gen strategy. The focus will be on building an opt-in database but we'll explore targeted database growth options as well.



Integrated Campaigns

We get your reps in front of more prospects by leveraging multiple channels, platforms and content formats.

We start by developing a content library that addresses the high-probability pains of your buying personas using multiple formats like video, white papers, articles and infographics. Then, our campaigns leverage digital channels like organic search, your website, email, social media, and banner ads. And because we use responsive design templates for all outbound emails, your prospects will have an optimal user experience on any device, whether it's a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Sales Enablement

We score each prospect's digital activity, like email click-throughs, web visits and content downloads. We then send your reps "sales alerts" with that information so they can respond quickly, armed with the knowledge of what the prospect is interested in.

Following up with someone who downloaded a white paper isn't the same as following up with someone who asked for a quote from a sales rep. These are valuable Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that need a different approach. That's why we build playbooks for every campaign. These playbooks provide the situational fluency a rep needs, including campaign strategy, open-ended questions to ask, suggested copy for 1:1 follow up, and much more.




We focus on what's important: Sales.

Naturally, we measure all of the things you'd expect, like click-through rates, number of visitors, and funnel conversion rates. Those are all essential components of any inbound lead generation program. But they don't mean a darn thing if they don't result in more sales.  

We obsess over generating new MQLs every month and tracing which of those convert into sales so we can continuously optimize the program.