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Lead Nurturing

You've created some solid lead generation programs and your efforts have produced a steady flow of leads. Now what? Delivering relevant content and appropriate follow up throughout the entire buying process is critical to successful lead management. Sales Engine International's Lead Nurturing tool enables you to automate the lead management process and build sophisticated programs in minutes. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily build powerful, multi-touch marketing campaigns engaging and monitoring leads based on their activity or inactivity and offers:

  • Over 30 customizable nurturing steps available.
  • Automated entry into nurture programs based on lead scoresonline activity, lead characteristics, and other lead management criteria.
  • CRM connectors that enable you to evaluate conditions in your CRM real-time, update CRM fields and set lead management tasks for sales reps.
  • Ability to build and launch changes to your nurturing programs at any time.