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Modern buyers do not pick up the phone when they want information on a product or service – they type in a web address or search term. A recent poll by Demand Gen report revealed that most buyers are more than 70% through their buying process before they ever engage with a sales rep. In order to add value when you do communicate with your prospects, you need to know what they already know. Sales Engine International's advanced website tracking allows you to track the online activity, behavior and preferences of your known leads, as well as anonymous visitors allowing for better engagements throughout the buyer process.


Discover when your prospects visit your site, download files and fill out forms. With prospect activity tracking, you're able to:

  • View a comprehensive list of all prospect interactions including website visits, form impressions and registrations, and email responses

  • Share detailed activity records to you sales team CRM users

  • Augment lead scores based on qualifying actions taken while visiting your website

  • Assign leads to nurture tracks based on specific web visit actions


Identify the companies of anonymous site visitors, exposing potential leads with the Manticore Platform's reverse IP lookup. Using this powerful tool, you can:

  • Determine your most valuable website interactions with our powerful report filters featuring an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop user interface
  • Filter and distribute reports based on geographic location
  • Use embedded social media tools to research and identify potential leads from visiting companies


Create custom links to track website activity sourced from specific efforts related to third-party websites and use them to:

  • Track activity originating from specific social media efforts
  • Monitor the performance of specific banner ads or pay-per-click programs
  • Group custom links by campaigns
  • View clicks on custom links as part of your prospect activity record