Sales Engine develops white papers, infographics, videos and articles to use in marketing campaigns to drive sales.

We create content that converts leads into sales.

Your Content Challenge

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. If your strategy includes email marketing, blogging, social media, SEO, paid search or lead nurturing, your Marketing department has, by extension, signed up for a lifetime of content creation.

The problem is that your prospects don't want the kind of content your marketing team can produce alone. They want educational thought-leadership content that helps them get smarter, and that type of content must come from your subject matter experts. But that kind of knowledge usually sits with executives, product managers, customer service and sales representatives who don't have the skill, time or resources to write white papers and articles, produce video or design infographics.

The Sales Engine Content Stack

Sales Engine's content stack helps DIY marketers who have the technology, know-how and resources to run their own 'sales engine' but need help with content. Our unique approach taps into your subject matter experts so we can produce a library of multimedia content for you to use in your digital marketing programs. We call the collection a "content stack" because each piece thoughtfully aligns to the high-probability pains and buying journey of your prospects.


What's in the stack?

  • 15 thought leadership articles, re-purposed into 60 unique marketing assets
  • 3 white papers
  • 3 infographics
  • 3 solution videos
  • 1 explainer video

70 unique pieces of content!

How do we do it?

Content strategy

After producing more than 10,000 pieces of marketing content for our clients, we've learned that developing a library of multimedia content requires lots of pre-production planning and a proven process.

That's why we've developed a methodology for developing content that works for any industry. Unlike traditional content outsourcing, where you either pay a premium for industry expertise or spend time educating the vendor so they are qualified to produce meaningful content, our methodology uniquely taps into your organization's knowledge.

Our process starts with messaging workshops, persona development, and keyword research. The outcome is a content strategy and development framework that ensures every piece of content we develop fits your marketing strategy like a glove.

Messaging workshops

Your content's purpose is to inform and convert prospects into buyers. Our methodology ensures it does just that.

By starting with the unmet needs of your market and identifying the unique ways only you can solve those problems, we are able to identify specific pain points each piece of content will address.



Persona development

Companies don't buy from you. People at companies do.

B2B buying decisions are often made by committee. That means the content we produce must speak to both the organizational needs of the company and the personal needs of each person involved in the evaluation. And because decisions continue to escalate to the C-level, content must be able to help the sales process behind the closed doors of the executive suite without a sales rep at the table.

We work with you to flesh out the personas you market to and map out their concerns as they navigate their own buying journey. By understanding their unique pains, we create content that makes a personal connection with them.

Video shoot (Our secret sauce)

Video is an incredibly effective content medium in its own right but there's an even better reason we start with video.

The subject matter experts in your organization don't have the skills, time, or resources to produce content for you, but they do have time to get in front of a video camera for us for an hour or two.

Because we spend so much effort in the pre-production planning phase, having already outlined the final content deliverables, we come to the video shoot with a detailed game plan knowing exactly the questions we'll ask to produce videos that double as source material we use to produce your Content Stack.

Re-purposed content formats…Your Content Stack

Once we've captured the knowledge of your subject matter experts on video, we get to work producing content. Producing great video assets is the easy part. Re-purposing those videos into great white papers, infographics and articles is what comes next and it's where we really shine. Our editorial team combines the transcripts from those videos with everything we learned in the messaging workshops so our talented team of writers, editors and designers can create your content stack.

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