Technology and Managed Services Combine for Unique Competitive Advantage

AUSTIN, Texas (June 7, 2012) —The executive teams of Manticore Technology, a leading provider of SaaS marketing automation software, and Sales Engine International, a B2B integrated marketing and sales acceleration company, are pleased to announce that an agreement has been executed to merge the organizations. Effective May 31, 2012, Manticore and Sales Engine—partners and mutual clients since 2009—have merged to form a new company that will operate as Sales Engine International.

The combined resources of the new organization will be well-positioned to combat an emerging problem in the world of demand generation: a lack of defined internal processes, inadequate content and insufficient dedicated staffing are preventing clients of all marketing automation tools from fully leveraging the potential of the software.

"Although the marketing automation segment has grown 75 percent, most companies are realizing only a fraction of the potential from their investment," stated Paul Rafferty, founder and CEO of Sales Engine International. "We are finding that the problem lies NOT with the software, but with CONTENT creation, establishing uninterrupted CADENCE, and aligning marketing and sales for the CLOSURE of leads and opportunities. Sales Engine has perfected a business process to address these failure points and drive true business results."

Manticore Technology executives see the merger as a net win for prospects as well as existing technology customers.

"I am thrilled to take Manticore Technology and Sales Engine ahead as a single company. The two organizations have worked very closely over the last few years as we both built world class businesses," said Nick Walker, former President of Manticore Technology. "Merging the power of the Manticore Technology software platform with the proven content-centric model of Sales Engine gives us an exciting story to take to market."

Under the new company structure, Paul Rafferty will remain as Chief Executive Officer, overseeing business development efforts. Mike Vannoy will be the Chief Operating Officer, managing day-to-day operations. Nick Walker will serve as Chief Technology Officer, continuing to drive the development efforts that have made Manticore a leading provider of SaaS marketing automation solutions. Stacey Steiger will serve as Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. Jonathan Halligan will serve as Vice President of Sales and Support. Kim Cool will serve as Director of Program Management and Marisa Luchsigner will serve as Director of Marketing Operations.

About Manticore Technology

Manticore Technology is a leading provider of B2B marketing software. The demand generation software enables marketers to generate more leads, improve marketing effectiveness, and decrease sales cycles, while the content marketing software allows marketers to engage with B2B buyers in a digital conversation that guides them through their buying process.

With unmatched ease-of-use, one-hour implementation, and a dedicated customer support model, Manticore Technology enables marketers to execute, automate, track, and analyze online lead generation campaigns, boosting revenues through increased sales efficiency and shortened sales cycles.

About Sales Engine International

Sales Engine International is a B2B integrated marketing and sales acceleration company. The company has created a Managed Marketing Services model around Sales 2.0 and the most common executional failure points that organizations experience. Companies enthusiastically embrace the Sales Engine model as they've discovered "it takes a village" of fractional people to achieve the promise of marketing automation on their own. Clients come to Sales Engine to help them FIND, CONNECT with, and ENGAGE their prospects. The company implements and relentlessly executes a sales acceleration engine on behalf of its clients, leveraging world-class marketing technology, award-winning creative services, and the strategic direction of senior sales and marketing executives.