August 7, 2015, Austin, Texas. – Sales Engine Media today announced three new content production packages for B2B Companies designed to maximize lead generation and search engine optimization. Content within the packages can be customized to supplement their customers current content efforts and immediately extend their current capabilities.

For over eight years, Sales Engine has been developing relevant content packages and distributed them through inbound and outbound campaigns. The additional content packages for B2B companies provide more flexibility and relevancy to customers that know that content must add value to the reader to create actionable sales intelligence. 

“Companies have figured out that there are no short cuts,” said Mike Vannoy, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Sales Engine Media. “By continuously updating and changing their algorithms, Google has eliminated the tricks and short cuts to organic search. It all starts with the generation of relevant content that adds value to the reader and demonstrates that you understand their problems—and there’s no such thing as too much. Companies that don’t create a continuous flow of content are missing lots of opportunities.”

According to a 2013 Gleanster report, 97 percent of companies surveyed had difficulty creating enough content at a reasonable costs, and 73 percent indicated a lack of skilled staff. Because most companies’ content efforts fall short, Sales Engine’s new custom content offerings help their customers position themselves as thought leaders in their industries and add significant value to their customers.

“Content marketing requires a different skill set, and most companies don’t currently employ them,” said Vannoy. “These skill sets can be difficult to hire for, and they certainly don’t exist within one person. Simply creating relevant content requires strategists, editors, copy writers, web designers, graphic designers, videographers and more. Sales Engine’s major strength is that we can deploy any and all of these resources as necessary to all of our customers.” 

“Content is the new currency,” said Vannoy. “Our content development process is superior to most agencies in the market because we have sales in our DNA—our company is not a former PR agency or SEO company that has retrofitted its services to try and remain relevant. Our content production process has always been designed to generate leads for sales people and provide actionable sales intelligence. Because of our years of experience working with B2B companies, our content simply produces more qualified leads than our competitors, and we know how to do it more efficiently.”

Sales Engine has been able to produce leads resulting in over 50 percent of the total sales pipeline for a majority of its managed service clients.

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Sales Engine Media is a B2B content marketing agency headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company deploys a proven content development methodology that generates qualified leads for building sales pipeline. Sales Engine identifies executional failure points in its clients’ demand generation process and deploys the necessary skill sets on a fractional basis. In addition to content creation, Sales Engine can implement and execute an end-to-end prospect engagement engine on behalf of clients, leveraging world-class software, award-winning creative services, and the strategic direction of senior sales and marketing executives. For more information, visit