Pay-per-lead content syndication

We write a white paper just for you (or use your existing content) and publish it to our network of 10,000+ B2B blogs and websites to generate inbound leads on a pay-per-lead basis. 


Content Creation

Our unique discovery process uncovers white paper topics that your prospects are searching for. After completing a content survey and participating in workshops with a Content Strategist, we'll put together a content development plan and an editorial calendar for your inbound campaign.

Next, we'll tap into the knowledge of your Subject Matter Experts (SME's) with a phone interview, typically less than an hour, and spend some time on the internet doing our own research before we write your white paper. The result is really great custom content without a huge commitment from you.

And after the campaign runs, you own 100% of the content to use in your own marketing absolutely free.


Sales Engine's NEtwork

More than 100-million unique business people visit our network of more than 10,000 B2B blogs, websites, newsletters, and social media properties every month. That means we can place your content in front of more people than any in-house marketing program could ever hope to reach.

By combining person-based filters of job level and job function with company-based filters of industry, geography, and company size, you can hone into your exact target market.


Pay-per-Lead Model

Because our network has so many unique visitors every month, we're able to project costs and lead volume which means we can offer a predictable pay-per-lead model for our clients. No more spending money on marketing without knowing exactly what you'll get in return. And depending on how niche your target market is, we can frequently scale to 100's and sometimes 1,000's of new leads every month.

Closed-Loop Lead Management

Our focus is generating leads that convert into pipeline and closed sales. We'll track each lead through the funnel and adjust the content and campaigns to continuously optimize the entire lead-to-revenue function.

Additionally we provide sales play-books for your reps to more effectively follow up. And for those leads not ready to talk with Sales, we can nurture them with drip email campaigns.

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Infographic - Why You Need Content Syndication

How to invest in marketing for long-term growth while providing the leads Sales needs today.

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