In this webinar clinic, Presenter Mike Vannoy, Co-Founder and COO of Sales Engine Media will diagnose three of the most common mistakes that B2B companies make in their content strategy that results in lost opportunities.

Watch our presentation: How to Develop Content That Drives Sales Conversations, to learn more about:

  • How to produce content that connects with prospects like a sales rep
  • How to convert anonymous prospects
  • How to get on the short list when the prospect is 'sales ready'



Just because B2B companies are investing heavily in content marketing doesn’t mean that they’re successful at generating the leads they need for business growth. In fact, they’re making a lot of mistakes that result in lost opportunities and lost revenue.

In this webinar, Mike Vannoy will cover the most common mistakes that companies are making with their content marketing strategies and provide simple solutions to solve the problem. You’ll learn:

  • How to know what type content you need
  • How to increase conversions
  • How to close the loop on content and lead generation

Many B2B companies are trying to use content marketing for demand generation but get stuck. They're producing content but it's not resulting in leads that convert into sales. In this webinar, we'll show you, step-by-step, how to create a closed-loop demand generation system using content marketing. You’ll learn how to build your own “sales engine” that produces a steady flow of leads for your sales team. 

Many companies that are using content marketing get stuck when it comes to actually generating leads for their sales teams. 

In this webinar,'s co-founder Ryan Buckley will start by talking about how to best develop content so that it maps to the B2B Sales Process. 

Mike Vannoy, Co-Founder of Sales Engine Media will then talk about how to close the loop on your content marketing process by developing lead intelligence, lead nurturing, marketing automation and best practices for analytics. 

You'll learn: 

  • How to design and use content around the sales process
  • How to distribute content
  • How to measure your content's effectiveness and close the loop

Landing Pages are a fantastic way to get the most from your traffic. But, these important revenue-generating pages can't be treated the same way you'd treat any other webpage or site. There is a proven formula for landing pages. Add unnecessary distractions and your conversion rate could suffer. 

In this webinar, Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist provides you with actionable tips and best practices to navigate the complexities of creating the result-driving landing pages you need. Brian reviewed several attendee-submitted landing pages and made suggestions for improvements for immediate impact.

You will learn: 

  • How to build landing pages that will get the results you need
  • What not to put on your landing pages
  • Best practices for landing page development and optimization
  • How to keep from getting bogged down in landing page development


Most B2B companies have largely ignored Facebook as a lead generator assuming that their audiences either weren’t present on the platform, the targeting wasn't specific enough, and not enough information was provided in the “page likes” to convert into actual business leads.

Changes to the Facebook platform have changed all of that. Publishers are spending millions of dollars per month to distribute their content, Ad targeting has become more sophisticated, and a new ad/content distribution platform that passes along contact information for leads collected. 

In this Webinar, Bill Combes from No Time for Social will show you the right way to develop a content strategy designed to maximize all of the new opportunities available in Facebook and other social media platforms to generate leads.

  • Facebook facts including page settings and tips for success
  • Content strategy that Maximizes B2B Lead Generation
  • Facebook Audience insights and how to use the ads and content distribution platforms

Whether you're the CEO or the head of Sales and Marketing, let’s face it—you want to dominate your market. You won’t settle for keeping up with the Jones's. You want to break out from the pack and be #1! 


In this webinar, Sales Engine Media Co-Founder Mike Vannoy will help you: 

1. Think differently about marketing and more like a media company
2. Develop an engaged audience through your content
3. Monetize your audience and increase your company’s valuation

If you're like most B2B marketing executives, you're likely increasing your budgets for content marketing in 2016. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute says 73 percent of B2B marketers are producing more content than they did just one year ago.

But how much should you actually spend on content?

Webinar Clinic: Using Email & Content to Spark Productive Sales Conversations

Generating sales conversations in a digital world requires the skills of a direct response marketer and a top producing sales hunter. In this webinar workshop, content marketing expert Dave Wolpert teams up with sales prospecting trainer and coach Jeff Molander will show you how to: 

  • Create subject lines and email copy that grab attention and drive action
  • Generate content that adds value at every stage of the buying process
  • Use content marketing to better qualify prospects and save time. 

B2B Companies are investing heavily in content marketing for 2016, and it's not enough to produce blogs, white papers and video to get found. 

Watch our presentation: Creating Competitive Advantage Through Content Marketing to learn how to create and use existing content to gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

You'll learn:

  • How to use content marketing for more than just branding and awareness
  • How to create content that drives sales conversations
  • How to track and analyze performance in a complex B2B sales process

In the past, search engine optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing have been separate paths with the same goal of getting found on the internet—but those two worlds have really come together as one. Google algorithms have changed dramatically, and what you did five years ago to maximize SEO is much different than what you need to do today.

In the webinar on September 24th, Mike Vannoy, COO and co-founder of Sales Engine Media will outline the various strategies for using SEO and content marketing to generate leads for your sales team.


Adventures in Content Development: 
Strategies that Produce Results

Content marketing is no longer a choice.

But the road gets bumpy when it comes to execution, especially when it comes to content creation. 

Watch our presentation: Adventures in Content Development: Strategies that Produce Results. Find out how to avoid the potholes with solid content development strategies that produce results. Learn more about:

  • How should you develop a content strategy?
  • How much content do you need?
  • What skills do you need and how do you acquire them?

Paul Rafferty, CEO Sales Engine

Paul Rafferty, CEO Sales Engine

Geoff Winthrop, EVP Acquirent 

Geoff Winthrop,
EVP Acquirent 

Many companies still defer to the same failed strategy of hiring more sales reps to grow their revenue. 

But, because today's buyer has more control, adding sales reps won’t help you achieve the growth that you want.

Paul Rafferty, CEO of Sales Engine and Geoff Winthrop, EVP of Acquirent will discuss the changes you need to make to your sales process to fit this century's buyer.


Listen in to this panel discussion about how to create content that will resonate with your prospects, fill your sales pipeline, and convert prospects into customers. In this conversation, four B2B marketing experts will share:

  • How to get started developing compelling content--without breaking your budget
  • What types of content work best in B2B lead generation campaigns
  • How to leverage your marketingautomation platform for contentdistribution


You've already shifted your marketing budgets from print to digital and branding to lead generation. So, why is the sales team still starving for leads?

Most marketing teams are hardwired for projects with a beginning, middle, and an end: The annual customer event, a trade show, or the next big "marketing campaign."

But, lead-gen isn't a project. It's a process that requires a never-ending flow of data, content, and execution. But that requires a whole new set of dedicated skills. And they're not the same skills it took to run yesterday's events and campaigns.

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Is your current marketing strategy delivering enough leads to your sales team?

If not, it's time to identify a lead-generation model that will work for your marketing team, sales reps, and bottom line. There is no one-size-fits-all model for lead-gen. You need a framework for deciding what works best for your company.

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Do you know how much marketing you’re going to need to meet your 2015 revenue goals? To be as effective as possible, your marketing spend must be matched exactly to those goals and to your performance metrics—not someone else’s. In this webinar, you will learn how to calculate your cost per lead and how to translate that cost into your plans for 2015.

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In this webinar, Mike Vannoy discusses the six essential components of any B2B lead generation program, regardless of whether it's in-house or outsourced.


How Can Your Sales and Marketing Be Truly Aligned.png

Sales and Marketing alignment: an elusive, slightly mythical, and often assumed state in our business. But what does it really mean - in practical terms, not as a "can't we all get along" sentiment?

In this webinar we will address:

  1. What are the actual practices involved in getting teams aligned?
  2. How do we identify the quality of a lead in this new marketplace?
  3. What is the best way to work with prospects throughout their lead lifespan?


How much are you paying for sales?

Increasing top-line revenue is important for growing profitability, but another critical requirement is finding ways to cut costs.

This webinar, in partnership with Future Point of View, will explore how to reduce the time and expense of generating leads and converting them into sales.


Marketing automation can’t do everything.

In large complex B2B sales, it can spot interested buyers, respond to their digital behavior, and nurture them with engaging content, but it can’t qualify a lead. Only people can do that.


Sales and Marketing "Alignment" Isn't Enough: Now What?

Getting Sales and Marketing on the same page about goals, KPIs, and the definitions of terms is important—but it’s not enough.


This webinar explores staffing, execution, and budget challenges companies face when they attempt to establish a demand generation function—and presents some ways to address those challenges

Lead generation is complex and can be expensive. This webinar breaks down its components and their costs.

When so many sales calls go straight to voicemail, is it really worth your time and resources to have your sales reps engaged in cold-calling? As you'll learn in this webinar, leads that have been warmed by continuous content engagement and nurturing are nearly nine times more likely to take an appointment with a sales rep than cold leads are.

Is your marketing budget allocated in a way that not only reflects your marketing objectives, but also aligns to your overall revenue growth targets? Whether your ultimate marketing goal is prospect engagement, brand awareness, or demand generation, you must invest your marketing dollars in a way that is demonstrably connected to that goal. In this webinar, we discuss marketing for conversions, not for kudos.

In this webinar, guest speaker Mark Lindwall, Forrester Research Inc. Senior Analyst serving sales enablement professionals, will discuss the critical element of sales enablement in improving sales performance and growing revenue. Sales Engine CEO, Paul Rafferty, continues the discussion by addressing tools and techniques for optimized sales performance.

Mary Anne Gunn, VP of Marketing at Sales Engine International, demonstrates how unbound marketing can impact marketing and sales effectiveness. Learn how buyer insight, data-driven analytics, and adaptable content can work seamlessly together to meet the dynamic buyer landscape.

The prevalence of inbound marketing and Sales 2.0 demands a new perspective on the funne—land it's no longer the siloed territory of the sales team. Just as sales reps have one-on-one conversations with prospects who are getting ready to make a buying decision, marketers must now conduct thousands of digital one-on-one conversations with prospects who are closer to the top of the funnel.

In this webinar, Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, builds the case for undertaking this marketing transformation, identifies the barriers to change, and provides new rules for marketing and sales leaders to collaborate differently. Paul Rafferty, Founding Partner and CEO of Sales Engine International, takes the discussion deeper, introducing a set of tools and tactics to implement changes that will help organizations deploy effective buyer engagement programs.

With a firm grasp on your revenue growth plan, learn how to efficiently support that plan with the appropriate skills and resources.

Do you really know how much marketing you need? Do you know how much money to spend, how many leads to create or how big your database should be?

If you'd like to learn more about how to elevate leads-to-revenue, join Lori Wizdo, Principal Forrester Analyst, and Paul Rafferty, CEO of Sales Engine International, for a close look at the lead-to-revenue process required to improve marketing efficiency to support revenue growth.